Tina Hartzell

August 22, 2019 | News

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Tina Hartzell is the first to admit that she has quite the soft spot for people and animals alike. So it only seems natural that her big heart and selfless nature influenced her to pursue a career in social work, where she gets to help people daily. Once home, Tina is surrounded by love from her new husband, Alex, and their rescued “fur babies.”

Being considerate of others is important to Tina, which is why banking with MembersOwn Credit Union came naturally. “I really appreciate the customer service,” Tina said. “They are wonderful at solving problems and making sure that you are happy.” Tina opened her first checking account more than 10 years ago. Shortly after, she took out an auto loan and bought her first car — a used 2004 Toyota Corolla, the biggest item she had ever purchased at the time. Over the years she added to her portfolio, opening a savings account, getting a Visa® Credit Card and a personal loan that covered part of the wedding expenses.

As a busy young professional, Tina appreciates the extra services that we offer, especially mobile banking, which she admits to using frequently. But to her, what really counts is how our staff helped her and her family during a difficult time. “We lost my father and grandmother within months of each other. Employees at MembersOwn have been very helpful with answering all of our financial questions. They were genuinely interested in how I was doing during the grief process,” said Tina.

When Tina was notified that she was chosen as our Featured Member, she didn’t have to think twice about which charity to pick: The Beatrice Humane Society. Ollie, one of her beloved cats, was adopted from there. He had a rough start in life and she believes that if it wasn’t for the wonderful staff and volunteers at the Humane Society, he wouldn’t be here. She said, “I attribute Ollie’s caring personality to be from the good people there.” She wants the Beatrice Humane Society to receive the $500 donation, so they can continue to help other “fur babies” find loving homes in the community.

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