Savings Rates

All rates are effective December 5, 2022 and subject to change without notice. Share certificates have a $1,000 minimum balance and early withdrawal penalty. The share savings accounts are the prospective rate for the 4th Quarter 2022.

Share Savings Accounts, Club Accounts and IRAs0.10%
16-month Share Certificate special ($25,000 minimum)2.00%
6-month Share and IRA Certificate0.60%
12-month Share and IRA Certificate1.00%
24-month Share and IRA Certificate1.10%
36-month Share and IRA Certificate1.20%
48-month Share and IRA Certificate1.35%
 *APY = Annual Percentage Yield

All dividends (interest) are earned and posted at the end of each calendar month.

Money Market Tiered Dividend Rates

BalanceInterest Rate
$0.00 to $4,999.990.00%
$5,000 to $24,999.990.25%
$25,000 and Over0.40%

Use the savings calculator to help track earnings and find even more details about our savings accounts here.

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