Your Choice Auto Loans

Get the car you really want — not the second or third option on your list—with our auto loan that acts like a lease.

A Your Choice® Auto Loan combines the flexibility of a loan with the low payments of a lease to give you the best of both. What are we talking about?

Think about this:

  • Make lower monthly payments that fit your budget
  • The car is yours, similar to a traditional loan
  • You can trade the car whenever you want
  • Keep the car at end of loan the term and refinance it as used
  • Return the car when the loan matures


This all means if you want the flexibility to buy a new car every couple of years, you got it. You’ll still be able to afford the monthly payments.

A low program fee applies to all Your Choice Auto Loans. This fee may be added into the loan.

Estimate your payments to help plan for the future, apply online and find even more details about loans offered here.

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