Personal Loans

Advance your ambitions through these personal loan options:

  • A personal line of credit is a loan you use like a credit card. We’ll approve the entire amount at once, but you pay interest only on what you use.
  • An installment loan is a loan that is repaid over time with a set number of scheduled payments
  • A single-payment loan is a secured loan with fixed maturity. The amount is repaid with interest in one cumulative payment.

Plus, when emergencies happen and you need cash fast, MembersOwn offers QuickCASH Loans, $500 loans for 60 days with low rates, as an affordable alternative to payday loans.

See our great loan rates, use the payment calculator to help plan for the future, apply online and find even more details about loans offered here.

At MembersOwn Credit Union, it’s all about you!

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