Financial Guidance & Budgeting

Come in to review your credit report and we’ll share helpful advice at no charge. Plus, take advantage of free online financial guidance from our partners at GreenPath, including an education platform called LearningLab+ which can help you learn about personal finance at your own pace and help you build healthy habits.

You can request a free and confidential counseling session by calling GreenPath toll-free at 1-877-337-3399. Financial counseling sessions are focused entirely on your concerns and are conducted over the phone. If you would like someone from GreenPath to reach out to you, simply fill out this form and GreenPath will be in contact!

Your GreenPath counselor will thoroughly assess your household income and expenses, find places for you to save, and develop a customized budget and action plan for achieving your financial goals.

Use this budgeting worksheet to calculate monthly expenses and income to get an idea of what you have to work with, what your commitments are, and what you have remaining for your goals.

Whether you are learning to manage your finances on your own for the first time, going through a transition in life, or need help resolving financial problems, GreenPath can help.

Do you have questions about credit, your credit report, and your credit score? Check out the Understanding Your Credit guide from our partner,  GreenPath. Read the Financial Wellness Digest to learn about the 5 factors that affect your credit score.

Watch this short video below that explains all there is to know about what goes into a credit score and how you can use credit wisely.


Watch How Can I Use Credit Wisely? below.


Check out some of the GreenPath Real Stories podcasts to learn what it’s like to work with GreenPath. The majority of their services are offered to our members at no charge. When you call, let them know you’re a member of MembersOwn Credit Union.

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