Loan Rates

LoanTermAPR*Estimated Monthly Payment(per $1,000 borrowed)
New & 1-5 Year Old Used Autos36 months5.50%$30.21
48 months6.00%$23.49
60 months6.00%$19.34
72 months6.50%$16.82
84 months7.50%$15.35
6-12 Year Old Used Autos36 months6.50%$30.66
48 months7.00%$23.96
60 months7.00%$19.81
72 months7.50%$17.30
New & 1-5 Year Old Used Recreational Vehicles, Boats, Motorcycles36 months6.50%$30.66
48 months7.00%$23.96
60 months7.00%$19.81
72 months7.50%$17.30
84 months8.50%$15.85
6-12 Year Old Recreational Vehicles, Boats, Motorcycles36 months7.50%$31.21
48 months8.00%$24.42
60 months8.00%$20.29
72 months8.50%$17.79
Home Equity60 months7.00%$19.81
120 months8.00%$12.14
Personal Installment36 months13.50%$33.95
60 months14.00%$23.28
Other Secured36 months5.50%$30.21
Share Secured36 months5.50%$30.21
60 months6.00%$19.34
Home LoansCurrent Rates
Home Equity LOC-Variable Rate8.50%See loan officer
QuickCASH loan
($20 processing fee)
60 days18.00%Call for more details
*APR = Annual Percentage Rate

All rates are effective December 1, 2023 and subject to change without notice. All rates listed are based on the best credit score tier, electronic payments, 100% or less loan-to-value for vehicle and 80% or less loan-to-value home equity loans. Some restrictions may apply.

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