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August 22, 2019 | News

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On any given day of the week, you can walk into the Lincoln Children’s Museum and find a group of young kids mesmerized by an intricate mousetrap; or working together to build a blue wall in the three-story cuckoo clock; or pretending to be mechanics, astronauts, gophers, firefighters or something else fashioned from their imaginations.

There’s an energy here that’s felt by everyone-a camaraderie among kids of all ages-a bonding between parents. Friendships are forged over the sounds of children playing. For Jaclyn Tejeda, that environment is the very essence of belonging.

Being part of the community is a major facet of Jaclyn’s life. As owner of The Black Market in Lincoln, she feels the support every time a customer walks into her store. She gets the same feeling from banking at MembersOwn Credit Union. She has been with us for more than 12 years. We know her by name, know her family and her story. Her grandparents are members here, too.

She and her husband, Antonio, have checking accountssavings accounts, a car loan, a personal line of credit — almost every product offered. With her store being downtown, she has her pick of banks, but she chooses to stay with MembersOwn because of our employees, like Denise, who made getting the right car loan a painless process. Or the time one of our friendly staff jumped through hoops to make sure her account didn’t incur additional fees. At MembersOwn she feels taken care of.

As our Featured Members, Jaclyn and Antonio have chosen to support the Lincoln Children’s Museum. When Jaclyn was a little girl, she would come here with her grandmother. Now, the kids in her family have free rein to run, explore and create their own childhood memories.

What matters to the Tejedas is giving back to a place that’s so important to our youngest members of the community. With 100 new Facebook likes and Twitter followers, we’ll donate $500 to the museum.

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