Online Banking Details

How do I access online/Home Banking?

From the homepage on our website, you can login to Home Banking and gain access to online banking services. You need to have your Username and Password to login. If you need to establish these numbers, give us a call.

I’m locked out, how do I unlock myself?

To unlock your account and regain access to home banking, click on the “Lockout Reset” button located in the eBranch login box on any of MembersOwn’s website pages. If your attempt to reset is unsuccessful, please call us during normal business hours.

Why do I need to answer security questions?

Fraudsters attempt to trick people into giving up their personal information, such as PINs and account numbers, by creating fake websites that look a lot like the real websites. This is called phishing. Your validation questions and answers are a simple countermeasure to these attacks, as well as protection against other forms of identity fraud.

Can anyone else access my account information?

No. Your account information is available only via secure access by using your Username and Password. The information is not public. Unless you share your login information, no one else can access your account information.

These security tips can help ensure the privacy of your account information:

  • Treat your login information as you treat your ATM PIN. Do not reveal this to anyone.
  • Do not write down your login information or leave it in the view of other users of your computer.
  • Choose your security questions, answers carefully and do not reveal them to anyone else.
  • Keep all documents that include your account information in a secure location, including ATM and debit card receipts, and monthly account statements.

What transactions are available via Home Banking?

You will have access to view all of your accounts at MembersOwn including loans, perform transfers to and from MembersOwn Credit Union and other accounts you have elsewhere, view copies of your checks, view statements, create alerts for yourself, sign up for mobile banking, sign up for and pay your bills through eBill Pay.

How do I see current activity on my account?

Click on each account suffix (i.e. checking 05). This will bring in the last 30-days of history. If you need to go back further, you can enter a specific date range. Members who have elected to receive eStatements, can access their account statements for up to 10 years previously under archived statements.

How do I apply for a loan online?

If you are within Home Banking, you may click on the Apply for a Loan icon and start an application. Or start from our homepage, by clicking on the Apply for a Loan icon.

What are Notices?

Notices are a way to receive notices within Home Banking that you would normally receive via US Mail within Home Banking. Once you sign up within Home Banking, you will receive an email notice when there is a Notice to review. You will review it within Home Banking.

What are Statements?

You can receive your monthly or quarterly statements online instead of a printed statement. You will receive the statement quicker and the statement will be saved in your archives within Home Banking.

What are Alerts?

Alerts allow you to better manage your finances by being informed of important activity on your account. You may alert on items such as deposits, withdrawals, check clearing or setup to be reminded of a special event or occasion. Sign up for Alerts through Home Banking.

What is Bill pay?

Bill pay is our Internet bill payment service available free to all members with checking accounts. You can initiate payments to vendor, company or person within the United States.

How do I enroll for Bill pay?

Bill pay is available free to all members with checking accounts. You click on the Bill Pay Icon within home banking to enroll and/or access.  You can initiate payments to a company, another person or other financial institutions.

How much does Bill pay cost?

Bill pay is free! However, if a member doesn’t use the service for 90 days after signing up, they are subject to having the service discontinued.

Once I enroll in Bill pay, how soon can I start to make payments?

Immediately once payees are created!

Plaid Disclosure

Users may connect certain applications to their financial institution using Plaid.  Use of any service that utilizes Plaid is at the user’s own risk.  MembersOwn Credit Union (MembersOwn) has no control over any services provided by Plaid.  MembersOwn makes no representations regarding the security of any data transferred to or otherwise made available to Plaid.  MembersOwn cannot and does not warrant that any data transferred to or otherwise made available to Plaid will remain confidential.  MembersOwn has no control or right to control data transferred to or otherwise made available to Plaid.  In agreeing to provide Plaid Connectivity services to members, provider is not an insurer of the data that the member may choose to transfer or make available to Plaid.  MembersOwn has disclaimed all warranties, conditions, and representation of any kind, whether express, implied, statutory, or otherwise, including those related to merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement, and arising out of course of dealing or usage of trade.

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