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What is your Routing and Transit number?

The MembersOwn Credit Union’s routing and transit number is 304988682.

How do I set up direct deposit to the credit union?

For direct deposit to your checking account, provide your employer’s payroll or human resources department the credit union’s routing and transit number and your checking account number from the bottom of your checks. For direct deposit to your savings account, use MembersOwn routing and transit number and your full membership number plus 00 at the end, to indicate it is a savings account.

Where can I use my debit card surcharge free?

MembersOwn provides free unlimited (no credit union fee) ATM withdrawals. Members also have access to more than 40,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide through the MoneyPass Network and CO-OP. Use the MoneyPass and CO-OP online search tools to find a surcharge-free ATM near you. Plus, there is never a charge for asking for ‘cash back’ when using your debit card with a PIN at a merchant.

How do I report a lost or stolen credit union debit card?

If you realize your debit card is lost or stolen immediately call 833-462-0798.  This toll-free number goes directly to our debit card processor and is available 24-hours a day.

What are the limits on the use of my credit union debit card?

All transactions on member debit cards are limited to the amount available within their checking account and certain pre-determined limits for security measures. Debit card users may withdraw up to $500 per card, per day at an ATM machine or for cash-back requests. They may use their debit card for purchase transactions up to $2,500 per card, per day.

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