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Your New BFF

Get $100* and a new Best Financial Friend
when you consolidate or transfer a loan or existing credit card balance and meet requirements.

We’ve Got Your Back, Bestie!

You + us = a match made in heaven. Partnering with MembersOwn isn’t just about managing your money – it’s about working together to put you on the path to financial success.

Plus, right now, when you consolidate or transfer a loan or existing credit card balance, you can get $100* and a new Best Financial Friend.

Think of it as having a built-in buddy ready to lend a helping hand with perks like:

Free Checking

Access to 5,500 shared branch locations nationwide after one month and a line of credit to act as your safety net.


An easy-to-use app that makes managing your debit and credit cards a breeze.

Fraud Support

Trouble? Not at MembersOwn. Our team is at the ready if you spot suspicious activity on your account.

Financial Advice

Make the most of your money with guidance from our partners at GreenPath, free of charge.

MembersOwn prides itself on our people-first way of doing business, which means you’re our top priority. And as the type of BFF you can count on, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

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