MembersOwn Credit Union Welcomes Terri Chmelka to the Team

March 20, 2018 | News

Employee Spotlights

To say that Terri Chmelka knows something about the integrity of credit unions would be a gross understatement. Terri has spent the entirety of her career, by choice, working at credit unions. Before joining MembersOwn as Vice President of Lending, she spent 20 years at LincOne Federal Credit Union, starting as a lending officer and climbing the ranks to become Director of Lending. Her first job was at the University of Nebraska Federal Credit Union.

“Everybody deserves a chance to succeed, and that’s what credit unions can offer everyone,” said Terri when asked why she remains committed to working at credit unions. “I believe in the philosophy of people helping people.”

In her role, Terri will continue to build the organization’s loan portfolio and oversee the lending department, managing a team of six.

“I’m excited to be a part of this wonderful organization. MembersOwn is such a progressive credit union with excellent management and hardworking employees who live the mission and strive to help people,” added Terri.

She looks forward to continuing to grow the organization’s portfolio and helping as many members as she can.

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