MembersOwn Credit Union Announces New President

January 17, 2018 | News

Employee Spotlights

Linda Carter will be named president of MembersOwn Credit Union on February 16, 2018 after longtime president Kenn Miller steps down.

Carter, who currently serves as vice president of lending, has been at the credit union for 28 years. She started as a part-time clerk while in college, quickly moving into leadership positions where she has flourished. She will replace Miller, who has served as president since 1984.

Carter remarks, “MembersOwn has grown so much under Kenn’s leadership. I’ve been fortunate to learn from him and help contribute to that growth.” Looking forward, she says, “Not many people get to spend their whole career at one place. In many ways, I’ve been training for this position the whole time.”

As vice president of lending, Carter has led MembersOwn to robust loan growth and she looks forward to maintaining that trajectory. She has also been instrumental in guiding the credit union through its many evolutions including mergers, a new Lincoln location, and the huge shifts in banking technology.

She looks forward to continuing Kenn’s legacy of community outreach on various local and state boards. The culture of MembersOwn is something else Carter looks to continue. “The people I helped years ago now have their kids come in for help financing their first car. That small-town feel is the most important to me. Everything we do goes back to our members, because they are who we answer to, not distant stockholders.”

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